C.M HP and Co-oprative Minister

Sh. Naresh Kumar, HAS

Message from Managing Director

I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers and welcome them to HPSCARDB corporate website. This website is a portal through which we intend to remain connected with all stakeholders and to provide the detailed information of Bank’s activities, products and services etc. HPSCARDB since its inception in the year 1961 has prided itself with being institution that provides financial intermediation for development and modernization of farm sector and nonfarm sector in the State having its focus on the development of rural areas. We encourage you to explore our diverse range of products and services and look forward to your repeat visit to our website.

Loan Schemes »

वर्तमान में बैंक क्षेत, कृषि से संबधित उपकरण व् विकासात्मक कार्यो, गेर कृषि एव सेवा क्षेत के लिए निम्न लिखित ऋण योजनायो के माध्यम से प्रदेश भर में ऋण मुहेएया करवा रहा है !

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Bank Activities »

The Bank is providing medium Term and Long Term finance activities to the agriculturists and horticulturists of the State for the following agricultural and non agricultural activities.

Our Mission »

To redeem the land of Farmers from private money lender. To save the farmers from the clutches of money lender and big land lord. To promote the economic interest of Agriculturist and Horticulturist. To fulfill the requirement of Farmers through MT & LT loans.